Us vs. Them

Eco fresh carpet cleaning

Did you know there’s more than one way to deep clean carpets? Depending on the equipment and products used, one cleaning professional may have a very different way of getting results than another. But that doesn’t make all cleaning options equal.

At Eco Fresh Carpet Cleaning, we’re familiar with the cleaning methods other companies use, and we take a different approach. While they might use steam extraction or dry powder cleaning, we prefer Bonnet cleaning using the Oxy-Dry carpet cleaning system in Sioux Falls, SD. Here’s why.

Vs. Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction

Despite what you may hear from steam cleaners, this isn’t the best carpet cleaning option. The water isn’t hot enough to kill bacteria and microbes, and can actually drive soil deeper into carpet fibers instead of cleaning it! It leaves carpets damp and musty, unusable until they completely dry—which can take anywhere from 4-24 hours depending on the carpet fiber type!

Vs. CRB/Dry Powder Cleaning

This approach isn’t very popular and has fallen out of date with better carpet cleaning technologies. The aggressive nature of the hard bristles used for dry powder cleaning can damage sensitive carpet fibers, and dry powder is almost always left embedded in the carpet pad. It’s effective for neutralizing odors, but does little to remove fine dust and grit from the carpet, which you’re likely to feel long after the “cleaning.”

Vs. Dry Foam Extraction

Dry foam cleaning involves massaging a foam formula into the carpet fibers and immediately extracting it, along with any dirt and debris. This system is capable of achieving good results, but needs to be adjusted often to penetrate the carpet to the right depth for the right amount of time. It’s not economical and can cost a lot more than other cleaning methods. And, drying time for carpets is usually 8 hours, at a minimum!


Bonnet Cleaning is the Very Best

There’s a reason we prefer Bonnet carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls, SD—it’s the most effective and economical! We use non-residual cleaners that dry quickly (< 2 hours) and are safe for kids, pets and the environment. Bonnet cleaning is extremely effective for stains and odors, neutralizing both. The results last longer because the clean runs deeper.

Bonnet cleaning and Orbital pad cleaning have recently been rated by the Carpet and Rug Institute as deep cleaning systems.

Vs. Orbital Pad Cleaning

Orbital pad cleaning is a different version of Bonnet cleaning. It uses an orbital motion and is considered a cleaning system on it’s own. With this system, you can choose different pads for different carpets to avoid pile damage. This method tends to provide a more consistent and longer lasting clean.

Want to learn more about why Bonnet cleaning is a better solution than steam cleaning, dry powder and dry foam extraction options? Contact Eco Fresh Carpet Cleaning today at 605-595-7255 to learn more.