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Eco Fresh Carpet Cleaning is a commercial carpet cleaner in Sioux Falls, SD. We offer a wide variety of services at competitive prices, including carpet cleaning, pet odor removal and stain cleaning and resistance treatments.Has your flooring taken a beating from friends, family or customers’ feet? Don’t panic and contact us! We specialize in carpet and rug cleaning services in Sioux Falls, SD and guarantee to make your flooring look like new with our 6-step process:

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning


Walk Through

I will walk through the areas to be cleaned, identify any problem areas such as heavy soiling, pet odors, stains, etc. I will talk with you about what can be done to address these issues.


Move Furniture

I will move the light easy to move furniture before I begin cleaning. All the furniture is moved with the exception of heavy, breakable items including china cabinets, pianos, bookcases, beds, large dining tables, dressers, or any electronic equipment including TV’s, VCR’s, stereos or computers.



I will use my commercial grade vacuum to give your carpet a thorough vacuuming to remove loose soil.



I will use my “Green Certified” Pre-Spotter. I pre-treat all surface spots and stains before cleaning. If I find anything that requires a more extensive method of removal, I will let you know.



I will use a premium cotton bonnet to deep clean the carpet by using a circular motion on the carpet. The cotton bonnet then attracts all dirt and dust into it, effectively removing stains and dirt from your carpet.


Final Grooming

At Eco Fresh Carpet Cleaning, I use a professional carpet pile lifting and grooming machine to raise the carpet pile and bringing back the fresh fluffy, like new look. Eco Fresh’s carpet cleaning grooming system will extend the life of your carpet. The cleaning method I use is a must process for proper carpet maintenance.

Unlike many other carpet cleaning companies, our drying process takes an hour or less. Stop waiting countless hours for your carpet to dry and let us show you how fast your carpets will dry with our eco-friendly method!

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